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Mula disbursements

February 29th, 2020 at 03:22 am

It was pay day for both us. Here is the rundown:

Disclaimer: We still had $215 left in our checking prior to payday and that was swept to our savings account.

$700 savings
$270 Roth IRA, $590 left to fund 2019.
$500 to cc and household bills
$100 groceries (allotted, but might go over)

No mortgages to pay until August and November. I mentioned before that prior to quitting my job I payed many months in advance to ease the transition to a significant reduction in income). Hopefully we can resolve some warranty issues with our Florida home so that we can move forward with the sale. If sold, it will free up $1500 from our budget.

Tomorrow, both husband and I will be volunteering our time in a fundraiser to benefit the people affected by the earthquakes in Puerto Rico. All proceeds will be distributed to the people and no government agencies involved.

Some updates

February 12th, 2020 at 10:07 pm

I am grateful to be able to get my job back. I was gone for five weeks. I contacted the teacher I helped (as a teacher's aide) to see if he thought admin would take me back. I was fortunate in that one of the aides was resigning and he must of put a good word in for me. I will be back next week.

The house I mentioned before has been on the market for close to two weeks. Lots of showings, but no bites. The square footage is working against us (1500 sq.ft.) It's funny because we actually chose this house because it was smallish in size. I guess potential buyers are at a different cross roads than us. Oh well, I just have to be patient and hope it sells. This emotional purchase may bite me in the arse. Lesson learned; I made my bed and now I have to lie in it.

We might be able to make a little more money on one of the rental homes. My DS#1, who is our tenant, is moving out in the spring. We rent it to him way below rental value. God knows we need to make more of a profit.

On another note, we were able to put $500 in savings this month! Love when we can do that!

Pay day and big decision

November 16th, 2019 at 04:34 am

Payday today for the both of us.

I contributed $150 to my Roth IRA, $2,900 to fully fund it. I think I might send an additional $100 next week.

Paid two credit card balances.

Saved all of husband's overtime check.

Put cash on three envelopes: $50 for husband's retirement party (to be held in January), $14 for the Thanksgiving Food Drive(charity) and $15 for eat out fund.

I also paid a few small bills: electric bill, phone and cable.


On another note, We made a big decision this past weekend to put our vacation home on the market. This past year, we've only used the house for a month or so. We feel that it is a waste of money as we don't plan to use the house as a full time residence. We estimate that between the mortgage and bills, we spend about $17K to keep this home. I have no emotional ties to the house so it was an easy decision.

Insurance Policy

November 13th, 2019 at 02:21 am

I happened to check our car insurance policy to ensure that a car that was totaled was removed from our policy. The policy showed that we still owed over $500. Sure enough, it had not removed. My husband called and we now have a payment of just $149. I think we are going to try to be a one car family now that my husband is retiring in a couple of months. I work in town and if he needs the car, he'll just have to take to work and pick me up.

GC/Outing and more

October 13th, 2019 at 02:01 am

I took advantage of the Bath and Body Works sale on hand soaps because I had a $25 gift card. I spent 26 cents out of pocket for six hand soaps including shipping and tax. I usually make my own foam hand soap but I love the nice smell of the ones from B&BW. I certainly would not spend $6.95 for a bottle at regular priceSmile

Dinner and show (Little Shop of Horrors) were great. This little theater has been in our community for 88 years. I am thinking on making a donation at Christmas time. I am also making a donation to our local children's library at Christmas time. In total, I spend close to $50 and I have no regrets!

It's a three day weekend and payday on Tuesday. I'm especially excited because my husband should be getting a nice overtime check (every little counts).

Thrift and more

October 10th, 2019 at 11:33 pm

I stopped at a thrift store after work (mainly because I spotted a parking spot) and I snagged a nice white winter sweater for $3.99 and a hardcover book of one of my favorite authors for a $1.99. I usually don't spend money on books as of late, but for $2, I decided not to pass it up. Good entertainment for little money.

My husband has been working a lot of overtime hours and I am grateful that we will be adding a more significant amount to our savings account. I am, however spending a little bit of money tomorrow night. I am going to see a local production of Little Shop of Horror and having dinner as well with my girlfriends. This little theater is a town treasure and their productions are amazing.

It's also a three day weekend for us. Looking forward to the extended weekend.