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Mula disbursements

February 29th, 2020 at 03:22 am

It was pay day for both us. Here is the rundown:

Disclaimer: We still had $215 left in our checking prior to payday and that was swept to our savings account.

$700 savings
$270 Roth IRA, $590 left to fund 2019.
$500 to cc and household bills
$100 groceries (allotted, but might go over)

No mortgages to pay until August and November. I mentioned before that prior to quitting my job I payed many months in advance to ease the transition to a significant reduction in income). Hopefully we can resolve some warranty issues with our Florida home so that we can move forward with the sale. If sold, it will free up $1500 from our budget.

Tomorrow, both husband and I will be volunteering our time in a fundraiser to benefit the people affected by the earthquakes in Puerto Rico. All proceeds will be distributed to the people and no government agencies involved.

Update/Sale pending/Show review

February 27th, 2020 at 12:57 am

I really enjoy my job and I'm grateful that I was able to get rehired after my short hiatus in Florida. Well, as of yesterday, there is a sale pending on our Florida house. The prospective buyer had the inspection today. Not sure how that went, but our realtor is very good at keeping us informed. Next up, appraisal. I hope everything continues to go well as I really want to get this monkey off our backs. It's not over,'till is over.

Friday is pay day for both hubby and me. I've already set up a $270 Roth IRA contribution. That leaves me with a $590 shortfall to be paid by April 15th. I'll contribute another $270 mid March, $320 at the end of March. It's much easier to do this now that I'm working.

About West Side Story on Broadway. It is a good modern twist to the classic. The projection screens in the back of the stage are very distracting, however. The cast is incredibly talented but I would've rather seen a revival to the classic. I am also glad that I did not paid the $250-$300 for good tickets. Average seats are just fine. Of all the Broadway shows I've seen, this one was my least favorite. The Lion King and In the Heights are my absolute favorites.

An exciting freebie!

February 19th, 2020 at 03:26 am

I start my part-time job tomorrow. I am looking forward to earning an income. My earnings are enough to pay utilities, food, insurance and my Roth IRA. We cut the cord with the cable company and my hubby seems to doing okay with just having Netflix. I watch TLC online through the kindness of my sister. I'd be crushed if I could not watch Dr. Pimple Popper (my friends think that I need therapy for wanting to watch that). Smile I also like to watch 90 Day Fiance. What a circus!

Now for the exciting freebie! Guess who's going to see West Side Story on Broadway this coming Sunday? Me!!!! I posted on FB to see if any of my friends wanted to see it in the Spring. A good friend of mine called me to tell me that they have an extra ticket and invited me to go with them. She won't take any money from me but I'll pay the tolls to cross from New Jersey to New York and help with the parking. I am so excited to see it.

Some updates

February 12th, 2020 at 10:07 pm

I am grateful to be able to get my job back. I was gone for five weeks. I contacted the teacher I helped (as a teacher's aide) to see if he thought admin would take me back. I was fortunate in that one of the aides was resigning and he must of put a good word in for me. I will be back next week.

The house I mentioned before has been on the market for close to two weeks. Lots of showings, but no bites. The square footage is working against us (1500 sq.ft.) It's funny because we actually chose this house because it was smallish in size. I guess potential buyers are at a different cross roads than us. Oh well, I just have to be patient and hope it sells. This emotional purchase may bite me in the arse. Lesson learned; I made my bed and now I have to lie in it.

We might be able to make a little more money on one of the rental homes. My DS#1, who is our tenant, is moving out in the spring. We rent it to him way below rental value. God knows we need to make more of a profit.

On another note, we were able to put $500 in savings this month! Love when we can do that!

Roth IRA

February 10th, 2020 at 04:07 am

I have $100 to spare and it will be going to my Roth IRA contribution. As I mentioned before, if I can swing two $270 payments by April, I'll have a shortfall of $320 for a full contribution (2019). Once done, I'll begin my 2020 contributions. This is my #1 financial priority as I am behind on saving for retirement.

Roth IRA

February 4th, 2020 at 04:53 pm

If I can swing two $270 payments by April, I'll have a shortfall of $520 for a full contribution to my Roth IRA (2019). I feel certain that I can contribute $100 from the checking account making it a $420 shortfall. I got this; I'm going to make it happen without withdrawing from the savings account. Once done, I'll battled it with 2020 contributions. It's a must for me to continue fully funding as I am playing catch up.


February 1st, 2020 at 07:41 pm

January ended with $700 added to savings and $540 contributed to my Roth IRA. I still need to contribute $1,060 to the Roth to fully fund 2019 by April. I can do this!!!

February also marks the first month in which we will not have income coming from actual employment. It will be just my husband's pension and income from the rental properties. February will be the real test. We will be coming home next week; we miss our sons and our life in NJ.

The house, an emotional purchase, is on the market. We hope to unloaded before November when we will have to start paying the mortgage again. I (we) prepaid several mortgage payments in advance. We can afford to pay for it but rather sell it and count our losses.

I have an interview lined up to cover a maternity leave in a neighboring school. It's just for a couple of months, but I hope to be able to sub to earn an income. I will proactively look for a permanent job during the spring and summer for the next school year. If you can say a prayer (if you believe) or send positive thoughts, it is greatly appreciated.