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July 30th, 2022 at 05:44 pm

Well, we all got Covid in July. We are all vaccinated and one booster. For me the fatigue and nasal congestion was the worst and it took me exactly 10 days to test negative. Covid is not fun even on its milder side. Frown

On a financial update, it looks like it will end with a little over $200 surplus. We met our savings goals and I was put $100 ($5K to go to fully fund) towards my Roth IRA. Summer are very lean for us because I do not work during the summer months. 

We have made the decision to start paying off our investment property starting August. The goal is to have it paid off in seven years at which time I can also start taking my state pension. Paying it off is an investment on our future income.  We have a healthy emergency fund.