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Some updates

February 12th, 2020 at 10:07 pm

I am grateful to be able to get my job back. I was gone for five weeks. I contacted the teacher I helped (as a teacher's aide) to see if he thought admin would take me back. I was fortunate in that one of the aides was resigning and he must of put a good word in for me. I will be back next week.

The house I mentioned before has been on the market for close to two weeks. Lots of showings, but no bites. The square footage is working against us (1500 sq.ft.) It's funny because we actually chose this house because it was smallish in size. I guess potential buyers are at a different cross roads than us. Oh well, I just have to be patient and hope it sells. This emotional purchase may bite me in the arse. Lesson learned; I made my bed and now I have to lie in it.

We might be able to make a little more money on one of the rental homes. My DS#1, who is our tenant, is moving out in the spring. We rent it to him way below rental value. God knows we need to make more of a profit.

On another note, we were able to put $500 in savings this month! Love when we can do that!

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  1. LifeBalance Says:

    Glad you got the job back (since you wanted it). I giggled when I read the expression my Grandma used to say so often; "I made my bed and now I have to lie in it." Only Grandma used it in the second person, and she sometimes shortened it: "Well, you made your bed..."

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