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January 15th, 2020 at 11:56 pm

I received my last paycheck today and my husband his last overtime check from work. We paid half of the credit card bill, $270 went to my Roth IRA ($1,330.00 remaining to fund 2019), moved $300 to savings and left $200 in the checking account. We should get husband's January and February pension checks on the first of the month. Snow birding is going well but we have spent a significant amount of money on groceries and some other necessities. I do miss my kiddos dearly but not the frigid cold weather.

Goals during these winter months in FL are to stay away from withdrawing money from our savings, pay bills with pension check and finish funding my Roth IRA by April 15th.


January 5th, 2020 at 09:14 pm

Today I decided to participate in the 52 weeks savings challenge. I turned 50 years old in August and I would really like to start fulfilling some things in my bucket list. My goal is to begin working on bucket list wish #1 by the end of 2020. I hope to double the weeks and complete the challenge in 26 weeks and start all over again to double the amount saved.

I also joined the Uber Frugal Month Challenge because Lord knows we will incur some expenses to start our seasonal residence in Florida. I've been doing well with minimal spending so far. I also return to work tomorrow and it will be my last week at my part-time job. I had to take 2 sick days because my surgical foot procedure left me with lots of pain. I am still recuperating but I think I'll make it through the week. Stitches come out on Friday just in time for travel.

I've already located a church closest to our house as well as a Publix, Aldi and Walmart. I downloaded the digital coupons app for Publix and I've clipped some coupons already.

I contributed $270.00 this week to my Roth IRA. This brings the amount I still need to contribute to $1,600.00. I have a couple of months to make a dent, if not it will come out of savings.