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Budget Update

March 27th, 2022 at 09:45 pm

I am pretty anxious to have a clean slate come April. March has been a dozzie partly because of unexpected events. My son had surgery earlier this month and he's convalecing at our home which means a higher food bill, electrictiy, water, etc. I would not have it any other way and we are happy we can help in his recovery. I am also traveling to see my mom and I'll be away solo for two weeks. On the bright side, I've been able to earn money since leaving my full-time job. All of the money I earn is used to cover future vacations, my retirement account, gifts, fun events, etc. My mental health is in a good place right now as I no longer have the stressors of a very demanding job. 

February Budget:

Husband's income/investment property surplus

$2968.00 (income)

$2200.00 (expenditures)

$768.00 (savings)

Extra income (me): $1,100.00 

Roth IRA contribution (me): $700.00 (2021)

March will not look as pretty. Frown




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