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May 1st, 2020 at 07:48 pm

Hi All-

It was payday for both my husband and I. I'm still getting paid and as always I am extremely grateful. My husband receives a small small pension with health benefits for both us. I was able to make a contribution to my Roth IRA ($350), a partial payment to the credit card ($500), electric bill ($52), a charity donation for a local food pantry ($25) and $600 transferred to savings. I left a few hundred in the checking to pay some small miscellaneous bills.

About the rents...tenant #1 (children in the household) said he could give us half of the rent this month because he still had to buy food and pay some utilities. We told him to hold on to the money and we would figure something out once he started working. He mentioned that he will start working next week. We just could not take the rent, not even half, when he has not been working at all. Money isn't everything and he is a good person. Tenant #2 paid via Venmo and we have not heard from the other two. We are prepared to pay the mortgages ourselves for a few months if necessary.

We are more fortunate than most during this pandemic. Nothing has been handed to us, purely hard work and knowing the importance of putting money away for a rainy day. COVID-19 has claimed the lives of people we know or people that my friends and children know. We are definitely not out of the woods by any mean. Husband and I have decided that when this storm passes, we will dedicate a good part of our income doing things that we've sacrifice throughout the years. We plan to travel more, donate more and enjoy life's simple pleasures.

Life is so unpredictable and short. Please be safe and well.

5 Responses to “Payday/Reflection”

  1. MagicPenny Says:

    I love your outlook. And glad that you found a way to help others through this pandemic, it is needed.

  2. Wink Says:

    I know that I am definitely more grateful for the simple pleasures in life these days.

  3. CB in the City Says:

    You are right; this is a good time to take stock of what is really important.

  4. rob62521 Says:

    Bless you for being so understanding of your tenants. You are right about what is important.

  5. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    Do you have a deposit for the guy who can't pay? That's what one landlord did, used the deposit. Then maybe tell them and say maybe they can rebuild the deposit at $100/month?

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