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Payday and other things

March 31st, 2020 at 03:16 am

The USA Naval Ship Hospital has arrived in New York. It is sad to have the need for it and at the same time, it makes me so proud to be so blessed to live in a country like ours.

It is difficult to talk about money when lots of people are struggling to pay their bills. Here it's what's happening financially in our household. As you know, our house in Florida was finally sold a week ago. Aside from the money we expected to receive at closing, we were refunded $400 today for something that was itemized in the seller's disclosure, related to the HOA. I cancelled all utilities and we are expected to receive a small refund on our water bill. We also cancelled HO insurance and the remaining mortgage escrow should be refunded in the next 30 days. All of this money will be going to our savings account.

One of our tenants paid rent already, but not sure how things will be next month (his own words). Another one texted me this morning and asked me if she could pay on Friday. The third said he will pay this week as well, but he is not sure how it will be next month. We are grateful that they are paying and we are prepare to cover the next month ourselves. We asked them if paying the rent was taking away their ability to buy food and they all said, "No". If we get the stimulus check from the feds, we will save it to pay mortgages. I don't count on it until it's in our hands.

I also got paid today (the district is paying all employees). I put $100 in the 2020 Roth IRA, some in savings and paid some bills. We have a hefty credit card bill due on mid April.

I'm also on my third week of no grocery shopping and hope to be able to make it another two weeks. I'd be going for walks around time while practicing social distancing. I will tell you that I am very anxious about COVID-19 especially since I have two sons who are essential personnel; one working at a hospital. We disinfect floors, bathrooms and kitchen on a daily base and staying home.

I sincerely hope and pray that you are all well and safe and those of you with family members experiencing health issues, please know that I think of you often and pray for a safe and speedy recovery.

2 Responses to “Payday and other things”

  1. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    I pray for you and yours. I went a month without a big shopping trip and I am now hoping to go another month. I posted how they asked me if I was an instacard shopper. Nope just me. But they thanked me for not coming out and just doing one big trip.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Watching the president as he saluted the ship leaving for New York got to me. I don't care if someone likes him or not, the fact that he stood there on the dock made me proud. We are fortunate to have the country we have. If we could just get people to stay home unless they absolutely have to be out, it would help.

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