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A little extra

March 5th, 2020 at 05:52 pm

A family member, whom I lent money to a while back, Venmo me $250. Repayment is sporadic, but anything I get back is a plus. I am going to keep $50 of it to spend on a meal out or a treat for me. I am trying to enjoy a little bit of our money lately. My husband’s cousin is terminally ill and his stepchildren are fighting for some antique cars he has. Good grief, the guy is not even dead yet. I told my husband that there has to be a balance in life and he should enjoy some of his money. My husband tends to be very conservative (extreme) with money. I told him that he is leaving it for someone else to enjoy and that you only live once.

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    I think as long as you have your bills paid and some money put aside, you should enjoy life a little too. I have a friend who is so extremely cheap that it is almost sinful. He comes to our house, admires our decent furniture and other things, but he refuses to spend money. He's single (gee, imagine that!) and will not spend money and brags about getting most of his clothes from the dumpsters at thrift stores. No surprise there either. Other than some siblings who are all older than he, and some nephews he's not close to, he has no immediate family. My husband thinks it might hurt him to spend money and I think he's right. Of course if he dies, I'm sure the family will be arguing over the assets, but certainly not his house or furnishings. He always acts like he wishes to go and travel, but it won't happen and I wonder if he's going to get to a point in his life when he won't be able to health wise and realize he let a lot of life pass him by.

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